How to apply

Under 'Funding' in the HRC Gateway navigation bar above, you'll find a drop-down list of all our funding opportunities. Check out the information on the type of funding you wish to apply for (e.g. 2022 Projects listed under Researcher initiated proposals). These pages include a summary of the funding available, eligibility criteria, a brief description of the application process, and application opening and closing dates.

Guidelines and other documents

Next, read the guidelines for the funding type that you're looking at applying for to find more detailed information about the funding parameters, eligibility criteria, the requirements for submitting an application, and how we assess applications.

Read the various documents on this page, such as the HRC's rules document and peer review manual, to learn more about our contractual requirements and processes.

Ethical approval

Determine if you need ethical approval for your research and, if so, where to apply. We believe that ethical approval is best sought before you submit an application to the HRC, but we accept that this may not always be possible. All HRC-funded research must have, where necessary, ethical approval from the appropriate regulatory agencies before the research begins though.

Getting started

Start your application process on HRC Gateway. First, you'll need to create your application on HRC Gateway - and have it signed off by your research office. Please complete your online application at least several days before the HRC closing date to allow for your research office to process it.

If you have any questions about the HRC application process, please contact one of our team at