8 December 2016

Primary contact person

Image of research office contact selectionWhen creating an application, the primary contact person at your research office for this application must be selected from the list if your supporting organisation has a research office with more than one staff member.

Late contract report checking

Applications cannot be submitted to either the research office or HRC if the 1st NI has late contract reports. A banner message on the application states clearly that the 1st NI has late reports that must be submitted to HRC first.

Delete documents

Documents can be removed from applications if you have uploaded the wrong document and don't have the right document to replace it. You can only remove documents if you can currently upload documents.

Add named investigators

When adding named investigators, we have made a small wording adjustment to the dialog screen to help remove any confusion that some people encountered. After searching for the named investigator some people did not realise they needed to click on the investigator's name in the table if it showed only one investigator.

Research office

Spreadsheet exports of people from your organisation now show whether they would like to be nominated for assessing committees.

Bug fixes & minor adjustments
Importing PubMed journal articles

Importing PubMed journal articles with speech marks in the article name would cause only part of the details to be imported.

Displaying contract outputs after deleting an output

After deleting a single output in a contract report the display sometimes would show no outputs for that output type until the entire page was refreshed.

Department on signup page

The signup page would always force people to select a department, if the organisation has departments, even when if no department is relevant. Now the department is optional.

18 October 2016

Layout design changes
Dynamically increase page width

The width of Gateway pages has increased by 25% if you have a larger screen. From statistical data recently collected we discovered that 95% of people were using a larger screen display. For people using a medium size screen the display size will remain as it has always been.

Dynamically set height for modal dialogs

The maximum height of all the modal dialog boxes is dynamically set according to your screen display. For people viewing with larger screen displays this will mean less scrolling is required.

Increase table pagination links to 10

Image of pagination buttonsWhen viewing information in tables only 15 rows are shown at any given time. To navigate between pages of 15 rows pagination page links are provided. the maximum number of pagination page links provided has increased from 5 to 10.

Do not remove spinner when page will be refreshed

Image of spinning save iconSpinning 'save' icons will now continue to spin whilst page reloads happen. After a 'save' button is clicked and the information saved, often the web page will need reloaded to display the changes that have been saved. Previously we turned off the spinning 'save' icon before the page reload commenced, but during busy times or across slower internet connections there might be a delay before the page reload happens. This delay could lead people to believe that no reload was happening or the information hadn't been saved.

Updates page & announcement
Updates page

Image of Update page linkA new updates page is now available to show all the recent updates to HRC Gateway. There is a link to the updates page in the footer area of every page.

Show recent updates upon sign-in

If there have been any updates since you last signed-in the list of updates will be displayed after you sign-in before allowing you to proceed to the home page.

Bug Fixes
RO staff can submit contract reports if edit rights granted

research office staff can now submit completed draft contract reports if they have been granted edit rights.

Better copy and paste support for applications, peer reviews, and contract reports

When copying and pasting from documents some special characters need to be removed. Tab characters are replaced with a space and line ending are now consistent across all computing platforms.

Spreadsheet exports have better UTF8 support if opening in MS Excel

MS Excel will now recognise all the spreadsheet downloads as containing UTF8 formatted text. Previously it recognised them as Latin text which lead to characters with macrons not being displayed correctly.

Some email notifications not always showing first name

Some email notifications sent back to researchers from the research office were missing the investigator's name.

Progress comments on contract reports formatted too small

The progress comments for contract reports are now displayed on screen in a larger font size.

Peer review (and pre-score review) layout error when viewing with Firefox

The completed 'ticks' where out of alignment when viewed on Mozilla Firefox.

Research office 'right click' links were incorrectly formatted

There were additional characters formatted into the link which lead to the links not working as intended.

Research office outcomes export had incorrect column heading display

The spreadsheet export had column headings out of alignment.