2018 Precision Driven Health-HRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Partnership

Precision Driven Health (PDH) and the Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC) have formed a joint funding initiative to help foster the health research workforce of New Zealand and support innovative research through the provision of Postdoctoral Fellowships.

Key objectives of this Request for Applications (RFA) are:

  • To identify and develop the best people to conduct high quality research, enhancing the links between research and practice, and encouraging collaboration across the health and commercial sectors. 
  • To promote and engender a culture of scientific excellence, clinical impact and value-added innovation for the best health, health services and commercial outcomes from precision health research. 
  • To support emerging scientists who have outstanding potential to develop into highly-skilled researchers in their research field and to become established as independent researchers.

The funding partners invite applications for funding of up to $240,000 (exclusive of GST) per Postdoctoral Fellowship. This includes a maximum of $100,000 (exclusive of GST) per year for salary, a maximum of $10,000 (exclusive of GST) per year for research expenses, and a maximum of $10,000 (exclusive of GST) per year for appropriate salary associated costs. The duration of the Postdoctoral Fellowships is up to two years.

Eligibility criteria

If you're the first-named investigator (ie. lead researcher) on a partnership application, you must be based in New Zealand and employed with a New Zealand host organisation.

Collaborating researchers from outside New Zealand can, at the HRC’s discretion, be included as co-investigators on a HRC partnership contract, however they can't receive direct funding support for their time or institutional costs.

For more information about our contract requirements, please read the HRC rules document under 'Helpful links'.

Application process

If you’re applying for funding through this partnership you’ll need to submit a registration via HRC Gateway. You’ll then need to complete a full application using the 2018 PDH-HRC Postdoctoral Fellowships Application Form and the 2018 PDH-HRC Postdoctoral Fellowships Budget Form. In an update to earlier communications, you will now need to complete the NZ Standard CV template with your application. Full applications are submitted via HRC Gateway and a hardcopy sent to the HRC.

Got a question?

If you’ve read through the documents below and the ‘How to apply for HRC funding’ section under ‘Helpful links’ and still have a question about the 2018 Precision Driven Health-HRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Partnership, please email Isabella Cheung, Research Investment Manager, at icheung@hrc.govt.nz or phone Isabella on 09 280 3860.


Request for proposals

2018 PDH-HRC Postdoctoral fellowships RFA
1 May, 2018 9:54am - 391KB


2018 PDH-HRC Postdoctoral fellowships application guidelines
21 May, 2018 11:36am - 502KB

2018 PDH-HRC Postdoctoral fellowships peer review guidelines
4 Jul, 2018 10:17am - 359KB

Important dates

2018 8am
2018 1pm

Full applications
2018 8am
2018 1pm
Hard copy @ HRC
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