2021 Equitable Cancer Outcomes RFP

Through this Request for Proposals (RFP), the Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC), Te Aho o Te Kahu – the Cancer Control Agency, and the Ministry of Health (‘the funding partners’) are seeking to fund high-quality research that will drive equitable cancer outcomes for New Zealanders.

The funding partners invite research proposals that address one or more of the following equity-centred cancer research priorities:

  1. Lung cancer screening
  2. Clinical lung cancer research
  3. Innovative approaches to delivering cancer care
  4. Patient experience across the cancer journey for Māori and Pacific peoples.

A total funding pool of $6.2 million (exclusive of GST) is available for research across all four research priorities. The funding partners expect to fund a portfolio of research projects at a range of values within this funding pool.

Applicants are invited to apply for funding within two funding streams:

  • Stream 1. Lung cancer screening – $1.94 million available for one or more research projects addressing priority 1
  • Stream 2. Improving clinical cancer care – $4.26 million available for approximately four to eight research projects addressing priorities 2, 3 and/or 4.

When creating your application, you will need to specify which stream you are applying to.

Eligibility criteria

If you are the first-named investigator (i.e. lead researcher) on an application, you must be based in New Zealand and employed with a New Zealand host organisation.

Collaborating researchers from outside New Zealand can, at the HRC’s discretion, be included as named investigators on a HRC contract. However, the HRC will not contribute to the overhead of the overseas investigator, and the total proportion of contract budget allocated to overseas investigators must not exceed 20 percent.

For more information about our contract requirements, please read the HRC Rules document under 'Helpful links'.

Application process

If you’re applying for funding through this partnership, you’ll need to submit a registration via HRC Gateway. You’ll then need to complete a full application using the 2021 Equitable Cancer Outcomes Application Form. You will also need to complete the 2021 Equitable Cancer Outcomes Budget Form. Full applications are submitted via HRC Gateway.

Got a question?

If you have read through the documents below and the ‘How to apply for HRC funding’ section under ‘Helpful links’ and still have a question about the 2021 Equitable Cancer Outcomes RFP, please email Lea Narciso, Research Investment Manager, Research Partnerships, or telephone 09 280 3860.


Request for proposals

2021 Equitable Cancer Outcomes RFP
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2021 Equitable Cancer Outcomes Application Guidelines
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2021 Equitable Cancer Outcomes Application Form
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2021 Equitable Cancer Outcomes Budget Form
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Important dates

2021 8am
2021 1pm

Full applications
2021 8am
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Rebuttals Open
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