2018 Breast cancer research in New Zealand partnership

The HRC, Breast Cancer Cure (BCC) and Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand (BCFNZ) previously formed a partnership in 2013 to fund innovative research into breast cancer in New Zealand.

Through this request for proposals, the HRC, BCC and BCFNZ are seeking high quality research in breast cancer to improve and ultimately ensure survival from the disease.

We invite applicants to establish a project that will consist of two separate phases over two years (each phase lasting 12 months). In the initial 12-month phase, you'll look to identify potential targeted and immune therapies for breast cancer with a focus on: targeted treatments, aspects of early detection, prognostic and predictive diagnoses, or preventative therapies. At the completion of the first phase, you'll be required to submit a report outlining your research progress and detailing your research plan for the second phase. In the second 12-month phase, you'll select and further develop what was successful from the first phase of your research.

The total budget for this research initiative is $500,000 and the funding available per proposal is up to a maximum of $250,000 over 24 months (fully-costed, exclusive of GST).

We anticipate that projects will begin as soon as practicable, with funding available for an immediate start (from April 2018). Research proposals should realistically be able to be completed within a 24-month timeframe.

Eligibility criteria

If you're the first-named investigator (i.e. lead researcher) on a partnership application, you must be based in New Zealand and employed with a New Zealand host organisation.

Collaborating researchers from outside New Zealand can, at the HRC’s discretion, be included as co-investigators on a HRC partnership contract, however, they can't receive direct funding support for their time or institutional costs.

For more information about our contract requirements, please read the HRC rules document under 'Helpful links'.

Application process

If you're applying for funding through this partnership, you'll need to submit a registration via HRC Gateway. You'll then need to complete a full application using the 2018 Breast cancer research in New Zealand application form and 2018 Breast cancer research in New Zealand budget. Full applications are submitted via HRC Gateway and a hardcopy sent to the HRC.

Got a question?

If you've read through the documents below and the 'How to apply for HRC funding' section under 'Helpful links' and still have a question about the Breast cancer research in New Zealand partnership, please email Isabella Cheung, Research Investment Manager, or phone Isabella on 09 280 3860.


Request for proposals

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