2021 Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies support research up to a maximum of $250,000 for two years in the fields of population health, clinical, Māori and Pacific health research. They are intended to be for situations where there is already strong evidence to justify a full study, but where critical practical information is needed first to make the potential full study feasible. 

Eligibility criteria

Our Feasibility Studies grants don’t support small standalone studies, pilot studies (where they are a smaller version of the main study with the same primary end point) or the general development of a research area. We don't advise applying for a feasibility study grant if your aim is to develop tools needed for a trial as this suggests that the main trial is not yet close to viability. However, if your application is about testing the performance of proposed tools, this can be considered provided your evaluation criteria are clear and relate to feasibility issues as opposed to testing the primary outcome of the intended full study. Technology development itself doesn't meet the eligibility criteria unless you've identified a feasibility issue for using the technology. For full details on the eligibility considerations for this round, please refer to the Feasibility Studies guidelines.

If you're the first-named investigator (i.e. lead researcher) on a Feasibility Studies application, you must be based in New Zealand and employed with a New Zealand host organisation.

Collaborating researchers from outside New Zealand can, at the HRC’s discretion, be included as named investigators on a HRC contract. However, the HRC will not contribute to the overhead of the overseas investigator, and the total proportion of contract budget allocated to overseas investigators must not exceed 20 percent.

For more information about our contract requirements, please read the HRC Rules document under 'Helpful links'. 

Application process

We have a one-stage application process for Feasibility Studies, with full applications due via HRC Gateway. All applications are discussed, scored and ranked by a science assessing committee.

Choosing a research investment stream

Our investment framework is made up of four research investment streams. If you're applying for a Feasibility Studies award, you'll need to specify which research investment stream your application applies to. We can't advise you on which research investment stream to choose. We highly recommend that you review the HRC's research investment streams document under 'Helpful links' to guide your decision. Our research investment streams are:

  • Health and wellbeing in New Zealand - Keeping populations healthy and independent throughout life
  • Improving outcomes for acute and chronic conditions in New Zealand - Improving outcomes for people with illness or injury 
  • New Zealand health delivery - Improving health and disability service delivery outcomes over the short-to-medium term 
  • Rangahau hauora Māori - Supporting Māori health research that upholds rangatiratanga and uses and advances Māori health knowledge, resources, and people 

Got a question?

If you've read through the documents below and the 'How to apply for HRC funding' section under 'Helpful links' and still have a question about Feasibility Studies, send an email to our Researcher Investment Coordinator, Sayaka Steed, or phone 09 883 0591.



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