2021 Health Sector Research Collaboration Grant

The DHB Health Sector Research Collaboration Grant is a protected pathway and negotiated funding opportunity focused on upskilling and empowering District Health Boards (DHBs) to engage in health delivery research in health delivery settings and ensuring that this research adequately responds to health sector, patient and community needs.

Joint, collaborative applications representing more than one DHB are encouraged.


Any combination up to a maximum of the following:

  • Research activation activity/ies to the equivalent value of three Health Delivery Research Activation Grants (maximum $90,000)
  • Career Development Award(s) up to a maximum of $100,000. Applicants can apply for either full-time or part-time FTE

The HRC encourages applicants to consider the most suitable budget and timeframe for their application.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Applicants must be DHBs, with a nominated point of contact for the application processes (Research Office or other suitable equivalent).
  2. The DHB must not have received funding support via the 2020 Health Sector Research Collaboration Grant mechanism (noting that having received funding support through any other HRC grant type does not affect eligibility).
  3. There is a limit of one Health Sector Research Collaboration Grant research profile application per DHB or collaborating DHBs, with leadership endorsement (i.e., Chief Executive). Note: joint, collaborative applications representing more than one DHB are encouraged and will be subject to the same value limits as set out above.

Overall application process

Application process stage one (Research Profile)

Eligible DHBs apply to participate in the DHB Health Sector Research Collaboration Grant by submitting a Research Profile.

  • DHBs must first email Luke Garland (lgarland@hrc.govt.nz) to indicate interest and to request a research profile form by 27 May 2021.
  • The Research Profile must be completed and emailed to Luke Garland by 3 June 2021.
  • Initial administrative checking and eligibility screening will be carried out by the HRC to determine that the eligibility criteria (see above) have been met.
  • Eligible applications are considered and assessed by the Health Delivery Research Portfolio Panel (Portfolio Panel) against the assessment criteria (see the 2021 DHB Health Sector Research Collaboration Grant Application Guidelines) who will recommend DHBs for the HRC to partner with in 2021.

Application process stage two (for selected partner DHBs only)

Selected partner DHBs will be invited to submit applications to undertake the research activities identified in their Research Profile.

  • A separate application must be made in HRC Gateway for each component of research activity (for example, per activation activity and/or per career development award). The total application composition must not exceed the values stated above.
  • Portfolio Panel Members will assess DHB applications. Each individual application will be assessed according to the criteria set out for the Research Activation Grant and Research Career Development Award.
  • The HRC will establish the fundability of an application based on the assessment criteria for each of the respective grant types and where a partner DHB is deemed not to meet these criteria, feedback from the Portfolio Panel members on how to achieve the criteria to enable funding will be provided to the DHB.
  • The DHB may respond to the Portfolio Panel Members’ feedback to revise their application(s) to meet any outstanding conditions, if applicable.
  • The HRC will facilitate discussion and any ongoing negotiation as required.



2021 Health Sector Research Collaboration Grant Application Guidelines
31 Mar, 2021 12:17pm - 400KB

Important dates

2021 8am
2021 1pm

Full applications
2021 8am
2021 1pm
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