2023 Health Delivery Research Activation Grant 1

Our Health Delivery Research Activation Grants provide support to establish health delivery research evidence needs or research opportunities, or develop research capacity, before applying for further health delivery funding. These grants are designed to incentivise readying and planning for research where resourcing to get started is not otherwise available. Examples of types of research activation activities include relationship development, priority setting, literature review, and skill/capacity building. Kaupapa Māori and Pacific health research approaches and methodologies are encouraged, as well as any other research or research-related activities that will clearly lead to further health delivery research. The maximum value of these grants is $30,000 for a maximum term of 18 months.

Eligibility requirements

Your principal domicile and place of employment must be Aotearoa New Zealand to be eligible for a 2023 Health Delivery Research Activation Grant. This requirement applies to all first named investigators. Your application must also have the support of your host institution.

The research activation activity must be connected to a specific health delivery research idea and be within scope of the 2023 Health Delivery Research Investment Signal. Applicants must also describe the activity and identify the intended outcome of the activation activity as progressing to further health delivery research.

There is a limit of one application per first named investigator per Research Activation Grant round.

How do I apply?

First, you’ll need to ensure that you have an up-to-date profile on HRC Gateway. You will then need to complete an online registration form via HRC Gateway to signal your intention to apply for a 2023 Health Delivery Research Activation Grant. Following registration, you’ll need to submit an application online via HRC Gateway using the 2023 Health Delivery Research Activation Grant 1 Application Form.

Got a question?

Application guidelines will be available in February. In the meantime, please see our helpful links section (on the right) and if you still have a question about our Health Delivery Research Activation Grants, please email Orin Robb. Alternatively, you can phone us on (09) 303 5200.